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Manage Your Tenants with

AI Property Managers

Streamline communications, reduce stress, and free up your time.


leading the way in client satisfaction

Manage Your Entire Business Using Only 1 Tool


Skyrocket your business

Service more tenants with less stress by automating communications


AI Does the Talking

AI never sleeps. Let our AI Property Managers respond to all tenant queries, complaints, and emergencies 24/7


A Winning Workflow

streamline communications and change the way you work forever

Happy Tenants, Happy Investors, Happy Managers

When tenants and investors receive immediate responses, they feel heard and taken care of. This greatly improves satisfaction and reduces manager stress.

  • 24/7 Immediate response time

  • Reduced stress

  • Improved tenant and investor satisfaction

  • Service more properties with less staff


leading the way in client satisfaction

Track Tenant Behavior

Analytics Dashboard will track tenant and home behavior from conversations and CRMs to identify problematic tenants and property deterioration


  • Periodic Home Maintenance reminders and tracking

  • How many times a tenant has asked for an extension

  • How many times a tenant has been late on rent

  • How many maintenance requests have been made

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Hear From Our Clients

We go above and beyond and conduct long term case studies to make sure our products work well and our clients are satisfied


We had constant manager turnover. They were overworked and stressed out, but since implementing AI, we've had a dramatic improvement in staff retention.

Hundred Keys LLC- Happy Client


I inherited some family property and had no idea how to handle my tenants. Thank God for Automagic AI Solutions! They saved my business!

AMH Denver LLC - Happy Client

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